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US Cheer All-Start Cheerleading program in Mahwah NJ

all star cheerleading

competition.    teamwork.    progressions.


All-Star Cheerleading is strictly competitive based, unlike recreational cheerleading where you are mostly supporting other sports. Each team performs a 2:30 minute routine judged on four separate sections - stunting, tumbling, baskets, and pyramids. Teams compete nationally, with the goal of receiving a bid to the USASF All-Star Cheerleading World Championships. 

US CHEER rebels team

Competitive cheer for girls and boys in Mahwah NJ

At U.S. Cheer Rebels, we work with each athlete to maximize their true potential. We have created progressions to accommodate many different levels of our All Star Team.


Team placements will depend on the athletes skill level in both tumbling and stunting at the time of their tryout. If skills are gained or lost, they have the opportunity to be moved to a different team at any time during the season, if eligible. 

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