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    Levels 2, 3 and 4 flow into each other easily, so this class is perfect for athletes working on a variety of skills within these different levels. EX: Multiple handsprings, tucks, layouts
    Stunt class is welcome to all stunting positions. Backspots, flyers, bases and anyone who wants to improve their stunt skills come to class to perform targeted stunt skills based on their level of ability.
    All levels of tumbling are welcome in this class, from beginner to years of experience; this class will have what your athlete needs. Athletes will be given specific drills and skills to complete based on their tumbling level.
  • LEVEL 4 & MORE
    This class is perfect for athletes who have mastered level 3 skills and are starting to work level 4 or higher tumbling skills. Ex: Layouts, whips, standing tucks, etc.
    FUNdamentals is the perfect class for anyone who has little cheer experience. This is where athletes will learn basic cheerleading positions, motions, stunting skills, tumbling skills and jumps.
    This class is targeted to flyers who are hoping to improve their flexibility. Targeted strength and stretching drills work to help flyers pull their body positions with ease.
    Walkovers are an important stepping stone in all later tumbling. This class helps athletes learn and master the skills of both front and back walkovers.
    Jumps class is for anyone who wants to improve their jumps. Athletes will take part in stretching to improve their flexibility and targeted drills to improve the strength of their jumps.
    Athletes in this class will be working on both back and front handsprings. Athletes will complete drills and strengthening exercises in order to gain the skills of front and back handsprings.
  • 1.5 TUMBLING
    The 1.5 class is the perfect class for athletes who need to perfect their level one skills, while also allowing athletes to be introduced to the basics of level 2 skills.
    Athletes that have mastered level 1 tumbling will be introduced to level 2 tumbling skills. Athletes will also continue to work on perfecting their level 2 skills and learn elite level 2 combination passes.


US Gymnastics Development Center II was started in 1988 as a recreational and competitive gymnastics program. In 2016, US Cheer Rebels was formed as our very first All-Star Cheerleading program.


We started from complete scratch with nothing more than a dream but right from the start we knew that one day the US Cheer Rebels name was going to be a force to be reckoned with. In our first year we had no competitive teams, only a few athletes, our second year we put together our first team. Fast forwarding to having just finished our 8th Season with 12 competitive elite teams and our 2ND SEASON RANKED AS A D1 PROGRAM! Now we enter into SEASON 9 with humble hopes and big dreams to keep growing. With our brand new state-of-the-art facility and our WORLDS, SUMMIT AND NATIONAL CHAMPION COACHES we have quickly grown to become one of the top competitive programs in the state of New Jersey. 

After only 8 Seasons our program has earned 6 Worlds Bids, 1 being Paid, 9 D2 Summit Bids with 3 being Paid and 6 D1 Summit Bids with multiple PAID! Last year ALL of our Summit and Worlds eligible teams earned bids to their post-season events! For our second year as D1 we were very, very proud and even more grateful for such an amazing season, motivating us to see what our “Rebel Gang” can accomplish together next...


Our coaches and support staff here at US Cheer Rebels work tirelessly with all of our athletes to ensure constant skill development, personal growth and subsequent achievement in all levels of All-Star Cheerleading. It is our mission to safely progress skills and to ensure that they are able to perform at the peak of their athletic ability in the gym and on the competition floor. We also believe that being a member of our All-Star program should provide much more than just training in cheerleading. We hope that creating a positive athletic experience for all of our  athletes will help them to succeed in their other areas of life beyond cheer. While training and learning alongside like-minded competitors, it’s our belief that our athletes will gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence and learn valuable lessons not only in a team dynamic but in life. Athletes are continually taught and shown good sportsmanship, goal setting, achievement and pride. Through hard work, dedication and focus, they learn quickly that they can accomplish any task they set their minds to. Becoming a member of the US Cheer Rebels All-Star program rewards not only our athletes, but also enables families to witness the personal growth of their children through athletics. Many of our athletes spend countless hours in the gym working on and perfecting their competitive routine elements. 



We offer a state-of-the art facility, including 2 full floors, a tumble trak, 2 rod-floors, and a trampoline! 

US Cheer Mahwah NJ facility
US Cheer NJ facility
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