This class is designed for flyer flexibility. We focus on specific stretching and conditioning to enforce the correct techniques for pulling body positions in the air. We also use endurance training to improve stamina of each position. This class can also be useful for jump flexibility.


Stunting is based on a 5 level difficulty scale, level 1-5. Each class is built for difficulty progression and innovation of the stunting skill set.  An athlete learns his/her role in the stunt group itself while attending this class. With a focus on safety, we encourage all athletes in this class to be open minded in order to learn and attempt skills beyond their comfort zone. Basket tossing will also be a part of the curriculum.


Tumbling also utilizes five tiers of difficulty, levels 1-5. In this class we will focus on improving and maintaining proper basic technique while pushing the athlete into advanced tumbling ability. 


Cheer Fit is a great way to get in shape for the up coming season! Specifically targeting the area that are are crucial to performing and executing the skills you will be working on. Come get CHEER-FIT with us!

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